How To Search

This site has several thousand products available divided up into:

  • First letter of manufacturer name
  • Manufacturers starting with that letter
  • Manufacturer
  • Products

The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to use the search box:

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It has an autosearch similar to Google and will start searching as you type:


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It isn't necessary to type in the manufacturer and model and type of equipment - that may result in dozens of irrelevant results.

A much simpler method is to just type in the model eg: AC30 or Plexi or Bandit.


If you put the search string in inverted commas eg: "Vox AC30" then the search will use that exact term which helps to narrow down the number of items found.

Search Box






We also have an 'EASY SEARCH' page HERE where you can enter the model info, select the manufacturer and search.


If all else fails, email us HERE wink