Rewards Points Program

We launched our loyalty program in September 2012.

Since then each and every purchase has earned Rewards Points for future purchases.

Note you MUST be logged in to our store to redeem your rewards points as otherwise the system has no way to identify you.

Customers Who Have Registered Accounts:

Customers that have historically registered an account with us will find their rewards points available when they next log in to make a purchase. If you have rewards points available to claim, after you have added the item(s) to your cart, proceeded through the shipping page and logged into the payment method page, any rewards points you have will be shown here:

Simply type in the number of points you wish to redeem, select your payment method and proceed. The total will be adjusted and the claimed points shown on the next page.

Customers Who Have Historically Used PayPal Express Checkout (The Yellow Button):

Express Checkout Button

Using the PayPal express checkout button bypasses the manual account registration process. You will still have a registered purchase (or more) in the store and rewards points, however you will not have used a password during Express Checkout so you will need one.

Each PayPal Express Checkout purchase automatically registers the details in our store - otherwise we wouldn't know what you have purchased or where to send it.

As you didn't deliberately select a password however, you will need to request a password reset with the email address you use(d) for PayPal payments, to gain access.

This you do on the Log In page available HERE:

Step 1 - Click The Forgotten Password Link:

Step 2 - Enter Email Address And Submit:

A new password will be emailed to the email address entered so you can log in and use your rewards points.

If you don't receive it within 5 minutes please check your SPAM folder and.....

If all else fails, click the button below to request a manual reset:


Rewards Points are available within 48 hours of your last purchase, provided full payment has been received.

Where items are returned for a full refund, the associated Rewards Points will be deducted from whatever has accrued.

Rewards Points will only be visible and available after you have logged into your account.