Trade Accounts

To qualify for a Trade Account you need to be either a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of amps and / or cabs who will be selling our covers on - either with an item, or separately - no exceptions. We will not set up a Trade Account for personal use only.


1. Trade Accounts get a 20% discount off all items purchased off the website (irrespective of current discount on RRP which is ignored) and

2. EU Trade Accounts (non UK) with valid VAT numbers will be able to purchase ex-VAT

Procedure to apply for a Trade Account:

  • Complete the form below in full
  • Await confirmation that your account is set up
  • Order away!

Please Note:

  • Having a Trade Account does NOT imply or confer any other benefits than those detailed above
  • We will NOT be granting credit facilities - all orders will need to be paid for on placement of order in the usual manner
  • No manufacture will take place until payment has been received in full
  • The Trade Discount and VAT status change (customers outside the UK with valid EU VAT numbers) is NOT retrospective
  • We reserve the right to grant, decline or withdraw any Trade Account if we deem necessary & without prior notification
  • Trade Accounts do NOT qualify for Rewards Points